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For nearly thirty years, the original Disciple Bible Study has helped millions of people read through the Bible and grow in their faith through a 34-week class. The new Fast Track study leads groups through the Bible in a shortened, 24-week, 75-minute format while maintaining the integrity and principles of the original study. New, easy-to-use print and video materials and an online community give participants the tools to absorb and retain what they learn in this shortened format. Churches that participate in this year’s (2015) beta 2 testing phase will receive the final, official-release materials at no additional cost in the summer of 2016.

Main features of Disciple Fast Track:            

  • Classes meet for a total of 24 weeks
  • Each group session lasts 75 minutes
  • Designed for Small Groups and Large Groups
  • A new, user-friendly Leader Guide
  • 24 new weekly Illustrated Review Videos
  • 24 new Introductory Videos
  • Illustrated Review Flash Cards
  • Leader Online Training and Online Community

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“The goal of Walk Thru the Bible is to ignite a passion for God’s Word in people’s hearts.   Through a live event, we motivate people to learn the big picture of the Old or New Testament.  They learn the major people, places and events.  They have a fun learning experience getting into God’s Word. Many UM churches have taken that “walk” including Tabor and Elverson UMCs.

Watch these links to learn more.

  • Marsha Lockman OT NT Endorsement ; (middle aged parent)
  • Alli and Brittany love Walk Thru the Bible (high school and college student)

Rev. John M. Fretz

Sr. National Ministry Consultant, North American Ministries