Child, in the Congo

SE District attains goal to fund Congo clinic

“We did it!” wrote Superintendent Dawn Taylor-Storm, proclaiming the Southeast District’s success in raising funds to build a pediatrics medical facility in Mpasa, an impoverished community in the Democratic Republic of the Congo. “We exceeded our goal of $50,000!” In fact, the district raised a remarkable ​$58,649.88.

“What can 66 churches do when we work together?” she asked. “We can bring life and hope to God’s beloved children…. The Congo-Partnership rejoices with us today.”

The Rev. Taylor-Storm thanked the district for prayers and financial support accumulated over the past 10 months, including from UM Men and UM Women, active and retired pastors, faithful laity, and even  children and youth who joined in the mission effort. “Each and every gift has made this moment possible,” she wrote.

The Congo-Partnership engages the Eastern PA, Peninsula-Delaware and Western North Carolina conferences, along with the Central Congo Episcopal Area, in raising funds to develop much-needed medical, nutritional, agricultural and educational services in an area where residents are desperately poor in resources but decidedly rich in spiritual fortitude. Learn more about the Congo-Partnership, and learn about United Methodist mission efforts in the community of Mpasa, established for war refugees near the capital city of Kinshasa in the 1980s.

The pediatric unit now being designed will be the final building on the Mpasa mission site, Taylor-Storm reported. A multi-purpose facility, it will also allow for cataract surgeries. “We will care for people in body, mind and spirit,” she wrote in her district letter. “The early Methodists built hospitals, and today the Southeast District returns to our roots, as we enable this pediatric unit to be a reality.

“Truly, this effort models the best of what it means to be a connectional church,” wrote the first-year superintendent. “Praise God for the work of the Southeast District. We rejoice in our Lord who has given us all that we have.  We especially give thanks for God’s beloved children in Mpasa.  May this pediatric unit offer hope and healing. Praise God from whom all blessings flow!”