South District Announcements


Mount Hope UMC in Aston has 36 children’s choir robes that are in good condition and they would like to donate them.  The sizes and number count of each are:  Youth:  11 – small; 11 – medium; 8 – large…. Smaller ones: 3 – small; 1 – medium; 2 – large = 36 robes altogether. Please contact Mount Hope at


Attention Senior Pastors
If you have not confirmed the date, time and location of your Charge Conference with me please do so immediately. Preferably by email.

Charge Conference Reports and Forms Preparation
Please make sure only one form or report is copied onto a sheet of paper if you are printing on both sides.


Please contact Lin so that arrangements can be made to use a first floor room for your visit if the stairs are difficult for you.


Dan Taylor-Storm, husband of DS Dawn Taylor-Storm, invites you to a no-stress group for clergy and clergy spouses.

Interested in going to the movies?  Want to have some thought-provoking conversation …or, just a large buttered popcorn?  REEL Fellowship will meet each month at a local movie theater within our district to view a new release.  Participants can come along to view the movie and/or stay for casual conversation immediately following the film.  Following each film (usually within a few days), the REEL Fellowship blog will be updated with thoughts on the film as well as an invitation for others to share their reflections.

Film selections will vary widely from month to month and our theater location each month may depend greatly upon the interested participants and their theater preferences.

If you are interested in participating in future REEL Fellowship outings, please e-mail Dan Taylor-Storm at  Once showtimes are announced (earlier that week), the full details of our gathering (including show time and theater location) will be updated to all via e-mail.