Oct. 27: “A Christian Look at the Supernatural” at Reeders UMC

The culture is pumping the Supernatural every day into the minds of our youth and adults alike. Television shows, movies, cartoons, books. Its everywhere. Do Christians understand it? Do we dismiss it? More importantly, what does God teach us about it through His word in the Bible, and how can we as believers in a resurrected Christ (a truly supernatural event) enter into the conversation with that is already happening around us?

Dr. Palmer has a decades-long history as: pastor, husband, father, therapist, and professor. He runs his presentations to invite questions, so those who attend should come prepared to ask anything that may be on their mind about the supernatural.

The two sessions are two separate subjects connected by the topic of the supernatural. This means that attendees who feel staying for both is too long a time should not feel obligated to stay for both parts. Each person should attend the session(s) that calls out most to them.

For more information, contact katrynspd@yahoo.com