North District 2020 Charge Conference Forms

2020 Charge Conference Forms are ready!

The Charge Conference schedule is being finalized and will be available soon.  We are planning to offer similar group meetings to last year as well as some ZOOM options beginning in early September (please start on this soon). This may evolve as we move closer to the dates and see where the pandemic stands.   In the meantime . . .  the 2020 Charge Conference forms are available for your completion.  All the forms are downloadable Word or Excel documents and can be saved while completing.  Once completed, print and secure the needed signatures.  The forms can be submitted one of the following ways below.  The forms will be due 2 weeks prior to your Charge Conference date.  I’ve also attached a handy checklist as not all of the reports to submit have pre-made forms.   Call Sheri in the District Office if you have any questions –


NEW THIS YEAR – Let’s give this a try! Submission using Google Drive (Preferred Method):

  1. An email invitation sharing your Church folder will come in a separate email beginning July 6th.  All of the following will be able to access the folder to add completed forms:
    1. Your Conference email (a g-mail account)
    2. The Church Pastor
    3. The Church Administrator/Secretary
    4. The SPRC Chair
  2. In the email, click the blue “Open” button. You will be taken to a submission folder specifically created for your church.  The folder will also be added to your google drive.
  3. Click “New” in the top right and then choose “file upload” to select the (finished!) charge conference forms on your computer.
  4. You will see your files appear in the folder as they finish uploading.


  • If you would like to remove a file, click it once (the file will be highlighted in blue) and then click the “trash can” icon in the top right.
  • You may return to this link at any time to add or remove charge conference files as they are completed and updated up to 2 weeks prior to your Charge Conference meeting.

 Or, Submission by email to

1.      Scan completed, signed forms and email them as PDF documents (when possible).

2.      Please submit all the completed forms at the same time.  

Submission by Mail – (please use this option only if one of the others cannot work for your setting.)

1.      Mail a copy of the completed, signed forms to: The North District office P O Box 820 Valley Forge, PA 19482


Clergy Interviews are being scheduled throughout the summer using both ZOOM and in person meetings in District Churches. We are requesting pastors who are changing churches or new to the district to please wait until late summer for their interview in order to have an opportunity to begin your new appointment (6 to 10 weeks). Use the following link to schedule your interview, if you haven’t done so already. Click here to schedule your Clergy Interview.

NEW THIS YEAR – The Limited Itineracy and Clergy Appointment Advisory and been combined into the Clergy Profile.  PLEASE ONLY USE THE 2020 REPORT. We have returned to offering this report as a Word Doc so you may save and come back to the document later.  Once completed, print the report, sign, scan and submit it in.  Completed reports are due 5 DAYS PRIOR TO YOUR INTERVIEW and will be collected by Christine –

2020 Clergy Profile


Click here to download all files at once, in a .zip folder.

All forms are downloadable Word Documents, except where noted otherwise.

Due 2 weeks prior to your pastoral interview:
2020 Combined Clergy Profile / Limited Itinerancy / Clergy Appointment Advisory

Due 2 weeks before your charge conference, or by Nov. 15 (whichever comes first):
2020 Ad Council / Lead Team Report of Approval
2020 Clergy Effectiveness Doc
2020 Pastoral Evaluation
2021 Covenant between SPRC and Clergy
2020 SPRC Appointment Advisory
2020 Annual Report of the Deacon
2020 Lay Leader Report
2020 CSM Annual Report ( *CSM Instructions)
2020 Candidates for Ministry
2020 Church Profile
2020 Accountability Agreement – EPA and BSA
2020 Annual Accessibility Audit
2020 Parsonage Inspection
2020 Trustees Report
2020 Finance Committee Report
2020 Combined Appointment to an Extension Ministry

2020 Fund Balance Report — This report is to be completed between January 1 and January 31. This report should not be included with your other charge conference forms.


* IMPORTANT: The Minimum Salary Schedule for 2021 will be voted on at the 2020 Annual Conference (October 13-14, 2020). If the approved 2021 numbers are different from what is reflected here, the Pastor’s salary will be automatically updated to adhere to the approved Minimum Salary, without the need to submit a new Compensation Form or take a new Charge Conference vote.

  • Submit a copy of the Compensation Form’s Summary Page form (Complete with all signatures) to your District Office 2 weeks prior to your Charge Conference, but no later than November 30th, 2020.
  • Submit a copy of the UMPIP Contribution Election form to the EPAUMC Benefits Office no later than December 19, 2020. Failure to submit may mean a delay in correct billing for 2021.