2020 Charge Conference Forms


Clergy Interviews are being scheduled throughout the summer using both ZOOM and in person meetings in District Churches. We are requesting pastors who are changing churches or new to the district to please wait until late summer for their interview in order to have an opportunity to begin your new appointment (6 to 10 weeks). Use the following link to schedule your interview, if you haven’t done so already. https://www.sagenda.net/Frontend/5c4f320053f5457c7441c728

NEW THIS YEAR – The Limited Itineracy and Clergy Appointment Advisory and been combined into the Clergy Profile.  PLEASE ONLY USE THE 2020 REPORT. We have returned to offering this report as a Word Doc so you may save and come back to the document later.  Once completed, print the report, sign, scan and submit it in.  Completed reports are due 5 DAYS PRIOR TO YOUR INTERVIEW and will be collected by Christine – ccollazo@epaumc.org