The Eastern Pennsylvania Committee on Native American Ministries (CoNAM) appreciates the support of Bishop Johnson and the District Superintendents for “Continuing the Journey Toward Healing and Wholeness with Indigenous Peoples” established by the Act of Repentance. However, the Committee looks for intentional and specific actions to follow the guidelines in the Discipline and in the EPA Resolution to the 2017 Annual Conference.

Resources for following through on the resolution have been posted on the Conference website ( and can be found at the links below:

These resources will help your churches see the purpose and importance of planning a Native American Sunday worship service and to become part of the process of healing with our Native American brothers and sisters.

The primary responsibility of the local church representative is to plan a Native American Sunday service once a year. The EPAUMC website has all the information needed – liturgy, songs, prayers – and CONAM can help provide a speaker as well as field any questions. Click here for a document called “Role and Responsibility of the Native American Ministries Representative in the Local Church.” At the charge conference, each local church should elect a representative for Native American Ministries and include the name on the Nominations and Leadership Development Report. Where this is not possible, a representative may be elected to serve a group/cluster of churches or a Mission Connection. These names, with contact information, may be sent, as soon as possible after the charge conference, to