Audit Consultant

Larry Turnbull, Consultant, has been added as a new resource for all EPA UMC churches to utilize in meeting the Audit requirement of the Book of Discipline. Larry will also be available to assist churches in streamlining and improving their accounting format. 

The Audit service will be provided at a reduced cost in order to encourage all churches to utilize this support in order to complete their Audit in a timely manner.  An Audit may be completed for as little as $260 or $5 per week over a 52 week year.

Larry has been providing accounting, auditing and cash management consulting support to various, for and non-profit, organizations including churches, for over 40 years. Contact Larry to discuss the help that he can provide your church. An estimate of the cost of the Audit or other service requested will be provided.

Testimonial: “The Audit was performed in a timely manner. The results were detailed and presented in a well-documented report. Larry is a knowledgeable, skilled professional and a pleasure to work with.”  Carol Barnes, Treasurer; Rev. Shauna K. Ridge, Pastor; Thorndale United Methodist Church

Contact: Larry – – 484-883-6179