Training Opportunity from Jason Lord

One of the most appreciated speakers at a recent conference sponsored by Leadership Nexus was Jason Lord, who is an expert in using search engines and social media to grow churches. Jason has put together a series of webinars on how churches can use these technologies. His company offers a great opportunity for local churches to develop their web based outreach through the use of “blogs” and social media websites like Facebook and Twitter. In addition, they help churches improve their visibility or “rank” on local engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing.

Jason has synthesized these technologies and concepts into a free church training webinar. Many of the churches represented at the recent conference attended these trainings and their feedback was extraordinarily positive. Due to overwhelming demand, he is now making this webinar available to other churches that missed the training event but still want to participate.

Many believe that the time has come for the church to wholeheartedly embrace this new media technology. It will be the primary instrument of church growth in the new Millennia helping to reach new people in Christ and communicate with congregations in ways that were not possible just a few short years ago. If you’re interested in learning more about this program, contact Jason Lord directly at for information on his next webinar.