Courageous Space: Coaching and Consulting for Church Leaders

Leadership and Performance Coaching for Church Leaders – Lay & Clergy – is offered by Dan Smith (206-618-5369 or for a special rate of $75 for United Methodist lay and clergy.

  • Are you facing new challenges that require a new level of leadership?
  • Are you hearing multiple expectations and are unsure how to sort through them and move forward?
  • Have you taken on an exciting project and could use support to ensure completion and success?
  • Do you want to lead change but not sure how best to work creatively with resistance?
  • Do you sense you are in a rut but capable of so much more?

Coaching can make a huge difference! Not any coaching. Leadership and Performance Coaching CAN and DOES.

What is Distinctive about Leadership and Performance Coaching brought by CourageousSpace coach Dan Smith?

  • The coaching focuses specifically on results that impact organizational effectiveness while responding to the needs and issues brought by the client into the sessions.
  • Awareness of and clarity around personal calling and commitment is strengthened with an anchoring in deep personal values.
  • While achieving present results, the client further develops leadership competencies, strengthening the capacity to address future as well as present opportunities.
  • The client develops habits for expanding integration and application of new information in ministry practices after participation in learning events.
  • The coach offers training in the basics of self-coaching, equipping the client to engage in slow, steady, continuous improvement.
  • The coach also brings knowledge of what clients face in leading organizational development and understands the challenges of implementing change.

How does coaching work?

Initial Exploratory Contact: The individual interested in exploring the possibility of a coaching relationship contacts the coach, Dan Smith either by phone or email. An initial 30 to 45 minute complimentary exploratory telephone conversation is scheduled. With the decision to move ahead, the first coaching session is then scheduled.

Coaching Sessions: The 60 minute telephone coaching sessions are usually held monthly. More frequent sessions are available and, when feasible, in person sessions are offered. The client brings to each session a beginning focus with the coaching then moving in the direction that best serves the large goals of the client.

Duration of Relationship: The coaching relationship can last as short a period as 3 months with the goals of the client accomplished. Or, the relationship can last several years. So long as coaching is supporting the person in moving forward into more effective and courageous leadership, the relationship is beneficial.

Cost: CourageousSpace Leadership and Performance coaching offered by Dan Smith is priced at $95 per session. If after the first 3 sessions the client feels that the relationship is not beneficial, payment for the 3 sessions is refundable.

About Dan Smith: Dan Smith, a CourageousSpace coach, is a clergy member of the Pacific Northwest Conference of The United Methodist Church. He has served churches of various sizes as well as serving as Director of Connectional Ministries and twice as a district superintendent. Now appointed to CourageousSpace Coaching and Consulting, he has coached church leaders and worked as a consultant with congregations fulltime for the last 10 years.
Receiving his coaching training through the Coaches Training Institute in California and Presence Based Coaching in North Carolina, Dan is credentialed by the International Coach Federation as a Professional Certified Coach. He also is endorsed as a coach by the United Methodist Endorsing Agency.

Dan has coached over 200 church leaders in the United States and Canada and worked with several dozen churches as a consultant. He has co-authored three books published by the Alban Institute, the latest one entitled Pathway to Renewal: Practical Steps for Congregations.

In his coaching practice, Dan focuses on working with leaders who are engaged in ministry development and who are leading transition in organizations. His passion in coaching is to see acceptable leaders become exceptional leaders and exceptional leaders move on to the next stage in masterful leadership.