Cherokee Elder available for Native American Talks

Mr. Unega Waya, a Cherokee elder and storyteller, has taught Native American history and mythology at Bucks County Community College for continuing education and has also provided educational programs for schools in the Pennsbury School District, sermons for Native American Sunday, and Sunday School classes for youth in UMCs. In addition, he is a founding member of CONAM (Committee on Native American Ministries) for the Eastern Pennsylvania Conference.

Mr. Waya is available for talks on Native American Sundays or educational and fundraising programs. While most knowledgeable in Cherokee topics, he is also well-versed in general history of other Native American tribes. An e-mail detailing preference of subject, length, and audience can be sent to to inquire about bookings.

No fee is charged for any sermon or program. It is for the love of providing the history of the native people of this land that Mr. Waya offers these services. He is available on weekends and many evenings for any Native American programs.