Local Church News


Fallsington UMC was visited on Sunday, February 5th by Reporter Dawn Stensland-Mendte from “MeTV” to do a story about Pastor Joe Martin and the Fallsington Church. The story aired twice last weekend on “Another Thing with Larry Mendte.” If you missed it, view it on Fallsington’s FB page posted on February 11th.


Wissinoming UMC, located in Northeast Philadelphia, has been experiencing water leaking problems specifically around the roof and window area of one of the sanctuary’s stained glass windows. The church trustees are seeking references for potential contractors who can resolve this challenge in this 125-year old church building. Please forward information to Pastor Tim Stewart at timothy.stewart2@gmail.com.


St. Thomas UMC was broken into right before the Christmas holiday and the thieves got away with the church’s drum set. The theives were prepared to take all the electronic equipment as all had been unplugged. However, the church burglar alarm sounded off and the thieves left the building without taking all of what they wanted. St. Thomas congregation shared its story with Ms. Rolene K. Derr, lay supply pastor of Bridesburg UMC, who in turn shared the story with the Bridesburg congregation. On Friday, December 30, the good people of Bridesburg UMC made a call to St. Thomas, requesting the St. Thomas congregation to come and pick up the new drum set that the Bridesburg UMC congregation had purchased to replace what St. Thomas UMC has lost. Bridesburg UMC is a small congregation with a heart for mission in the local community, the world, as well as within the church. Rev. Carlos Carrero, pastor, and the people of St. Thomas UMC are humbled to know that the Bridesburg congregation, without prompting from its pastor, decided to restore what was lost at St. Thomas. St. Thomas is thanking God for Bridesburg UMC’s missionary spirit and the new drums received so as to continue to do ministry.


This prayer was prepared by Bucks County area pastors, including Rev. Joe Martin, pastor of Fallsington UMC, and was published in a recent Courier Times newspaper:

Prayer for Unity

This morning, we awoke to the results of an election that has bitterly divided our nation. It is tempting to proclaim winners and losers and to treat this election cycle like a sporting match where one party has emerged victorious at the expense of the other.

But to do so would be a grave mistake. In the aftermath of such an election season we will all need to work diligently to repair the damage done. Those who founded this country believed that there is more that unites us than there is that divides us.

The candidates who celebrate victory on election night must rise in the morning prepared to govern for the good of all people, including those who voted against them. To forget this is to forget the history of this great nation, to forget the ideals and the hope of government of the people, by the people, for the people.

We are leaders of faith communities that, for centuries, have had many disagreements. And yet, we believe that what is more important than those things that divide us are those things that bring us together.

In that spirit, our prayer for our community and for our nation is that we might set aside the rancor and bitterness of the campaign season and remember that we are Americans together.

Together, we pray for the wisdom to remember the challenge of Isaiah: that our life together depends upon our ability to turn the swords and spears of hostility and division into the plowshares and pruning hooks of peace and unity.

May God be with us all, and the wisdom of the Divine guide those who lead the people, this day and every day. Amen.