Experts to teach Eastern PA about COVID vaccines, variants

Save the date— Monday, April 12, 6:30-8:00 PMfor “Vaccines, Variants and the Road Ahead.”  That’s the focus of an upcoming webinar on Zoom, sponsored by the Eastern PA Conference Global Ministries Team. The team includes members of the Conference’s former Health & Healing Council.

Two doctors of pharmacy will share what they know and can recommend about the three new vaccines now in use to fight COVID-19. Dr. Elsen Jacob, a pharmacotherapist, is an Assistant Professor at St. Johns University with a clinical residency at Mount Sinai Hospital in New York. Her sister Dr. Susan Jacob is a Clinical Pharmacist at Massachusetts General Hospital. Read More


Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) Redux

The Small Business Administration issued their guidelines on January 6 documenting how lenders will proceed with the PPP2 applications for non-profits. Presently, only churches who have not yet received a PPP1 loans are eligible to apply; but this process will open up soon for churches that have already received PPP1 grants and can demonstrate a 25 percent decline in their “gross receipts” in at least one 2020 quarter, compared to the same quarter in 2019.

When eligible, churches will be able to apply to local lenders for an amount equal to 2.5 times the 2019 average monthly payroll costs, which include housing allowances and benefit payments made by the church... Read More


Clergy, church staff to get COVID vaccinations, paycheck support soon

With COVID-19 infections, hospitalizations and deaths surging since Christmas, the rollout of vaccines, although sluggish, is encouraging to many, including clergy and church staff who can expect to receive their first shots in just a few weeks. Meanwhile, Congress’ long-delayed approval of an economic rescue package should soon start paying off for churches and other employers waiting for direly needed financial aid.

Montgomery County Commissioners, in an online meeting with faith community leaders on Monday, January 11, told them their staffs can expect to start getting their first doses in about two more weeks. That includes pastors, administrative and custodial staff, musicians and others... Read More

Face masks available

Eastern PA Conference’s Disaster Response Ministry has washable cloth face coverings available from FEMA to help churches ensure safety. The adult-sized masks are 100% cotton, and contain silver and copper to help prevent the growth of viruses and germs. Request Face Masks

Appeal for donated masks, hand sanitizer, etc

The Eastern PA Conference Disaster Response Ministry is seeking volunteers to sew and donate suitable protective masks for children and adults in vulnerable, urban communities during the COVID-19 pandemic… Read more

Hand sanitizer available

Six barrels with 50-gallons each of donated hand sanitizer are now ready and waiting for churches to “come and get it” at the Eastern PA Conference’s four Camp & Retreat Centers and at two local churches in Philadelphia and Allentown… Read more


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