Aug 22, 2022

UM Metro Ministries, Inc. will receive applications two times per year with submissions due on March 15 and September 15. UMMM has limited funds and seeks to fund the most compelling projects that demonstrate high impact on the life of the congregation and/or the community it serves.  Congregations are limited to one Building Repair Grant per calendar year.  If your application was not approved for funding during the first funding cycle you are invited to apply again during the second funding cycle.

Make sure you obtain your District Superintendent’s recommendation prior to submitting the application.

All grant applications must be marked: ATTENTION: METRO GRANT.

Please submit applications to:
The Office of Director of Connectional Ministries
P.O. Box 820
Valley Forge, PA  19482-0820

Questions and Comments should be directed to: Rev. Eric W. Carr, Jr., 315 Edwards St. , Chester, PA 19013, or