Oct 20, 2011

On Sunday October 2, 2011 seven lay members of the Eastern Pennsylvania Conference became Certified Lay Ministers (CLM) in a ceremony at Thorndale United Methodist Church.  This is the third class to complete the CLM process and the Conference now has twenty-five Certified Lay Ministers.

David Ryan, Jerry Flynn, Lorraine Foster, Carolyn Pressley, James Duckett, Jennifer Lafferty, and Brenda Tildonreceived certificates from the Rev. Dr. Christopher Kurien, Director of Connectional Ministry, Conference Lay Leader Dr. Mary White, and the Rev. Dr. Alfred Maloney, Class Instructor. 

Brenda Tildon and Alfred Maloney served as course instructors.  Ms. Tildon said, “As coordinator of the class, and having started this program in our conference, the training provides the laity a way expand the ministry the local church, and to better support clergy in ministry.”  She added, “Being a Certified Lay Minister will enable me to facilitate the clergy/laity partnership. Our program in the Eastern Pennsylvania Conference is a model that Bishop Johnson has requested for our sister conference – Peninsula-Delaware, and we have already started our first class there.”  Laity may attend classes in either of the conferences.

The 2004 United Methodist Book of Discipline states there will be certified lay ministers, where the bishop may assign a CLM into the churches under the supervision of an Elder.  It offers an opportunity for laity to be more effective in ministry in the local church and community.

Dr. Kurien delivered an inspiring message about the service of laity with clergy, and on the importance taking the next step in education to be a more effective leader.

The next class is scheduled to start in November.  Laity who wish to participate must first obtain approval from the pastor, the SPRC, charge conference, and district superintendent/District Committee on Ministry.  You must also be a Christ Servant Minister or equivalent.

If you would like additional information on the Certified Lay Ministers (CLM) program, contact  Brenda Tildon at brendatildon@aol.com or call 302-836-8553.