Feb 08, 2018

Immigrant Welcoming Communities is an invitation to a journey into a reciprocal missional experience alongside and among immigrant communities. The journey is open to all that wish to develop deeper, incarnational relationships among immigrant communities and who wish to engage in both mercy and justice.

How Becoming an Immigrant Welcoming Community Works

The journey toward becoming an Immigrant Welcoming Community is life-long, but starting takes only four months. Each month your class, UMW unit, Wesley Foundation, youth group, or entire congregation will commit to the following:

  • A learning event or action that can, and often should include participation from a nearby immigrant congregation or community group. These events can take place on Sunday mornings, or at other times that work for your community. There are often multiple options with each specific step and so more than one learning event or action can be planned for each month.
  • A time of reflection over what you learned from the event or action.
  • A time of planning for the next month’s event or action as well as how to include other communities in your Immigrant Welcoming Community journey.

For more informationcontact Jeania Ree Moore at jmoore@umcjustice.org.

Immigrant Welcoming Communities in the Eastern PA Conference


  • La Trinidad United Methodist Church

Bryn Mawr:

  • St. Luke United Methodist Church


  • Casa del Pueblo
  • Lehman United Methodist Church


  • Hope United Methodist Church


  • Nuevo Creacion UMC
  • Grand View United Methodist Church


  • Arch Street United Methodist Church
  • El Mesias United Methodist Church
  • Holy Spirit United Methodist Church
  • St. Philip’s United Methodist Church


  • Wesley United Methodist Church
  • West Lawn United Methodist Church

West Chester:

  • El Buen Samaritano