Jan 04, 2022

Northwest Philadelphia, PA
$15,000 to 20,000
Part time – 15 to 20 hours per week
Technical Assistant

The First United Methodist Church of Germantown, ( fumcog.org )is seeking a person with technical ability to lead livestream, website, and social media efforts as an essential part of the worship ministry team.

The Technical Assistant will be responsible for producing:

  • Sunday service and other special livestream events using Wirecast livestream application and Q-SYS audio consoles
  • Update and maintain Website
  • Create and sustain an ongoing presence on social media platforms

Working as the Technical Assistant you will:


  • Schedule and train volunteers to assist you at each livestream event; weekly Sunday service and occasional special events
  • Meet with staff to provide technical input regarding the development of worship and special events
  • Coordinate with pastors, music staff and office staff to plan details for each livestream event, such as location of presenters, performers of music, words of hymns and prayers, etc.
  • Prepare a weekly Keynote (PowerPoint) presentation for projection in the sanctuary so that programs and hymnals are unnecessary
  • Prepare sequential video shots using Wirecast livestream application for use during services
  • Prepare a set of audio presets using a Q-SYS Core mixer to allow the timely switching of microphones between presenters
  • Prepare a cue sheet of directions for video, audio and computer (Keynote) operation
  • Create the livestream link to YouTube
  • Perform system equipment checks, video positioning of cameras and audio sound checks prior to each event
  • Act as technical lead for each event, operating equipment and directing volunteers
  • Periodically review presentation process, equipment, system, & application updates, and plan for technology needs and improvements


  • In conjunction with church staff, Assess website for usefulness, appeal, and interest
  • Assist Staff to Update website information


  • Working with church staff, Advise and create increased social media footprint

Please send a resume to FUMCOG/Technical Assistant
6001 Germantown Ave.
Philadelphia, PA 19144
or email to, fumcog1@gmail.com