Jun 28, 2022

Job description:

  • Continue to grow and mature in Christ as a Godly person of integrity. Helping to lead Band members to also grow and mature in Christ with an emphasis on teamwork, grace and compassion
  • Primary responsibility is to lead the Praise Band at the contemporary worship service or any combined service that the Band is participating in.
  • Music selection will be done in consultation with the Pastor and with consideration of the abilities of the members of the Band. Music procurement with consideration of the budget allotted for the Band.
  • Should play a melodic instrument to help members of the band learn new selections and assist the technical team in learning what is needed for the soundboard and display screen for each song.
  • Leading the Band in practices and during worship services as well as leading praises during transitions between music selections. Taking input or suggestions from members of the Band or the technical team and addressing the input / suggestions with grace.
  • Helping to develop new members who want to sing or play an instrument with the Band.
  • Keeping the Pastor and SPR Chairperson updated on any issues that may arise with the Band members or technical team. Keeping the Trustee President appraised of any equipment issues so that they can be resolved in a timely manner.
  • Development and administration of the yearly budget in accordance with the financial policies of the church.

Payroll Information:

  • The Praise Band Leader is a part time position. No benefits such as paid time

off, medical or dental coverage are being implied or offered.

  • Pay is $150.00 / week.
  • Any time that needs to be taken off; the Praise Band Leader will need to find coverage. Coverage should be offered to the other members of the Praise Band first.

Any questions or interest can be directed to Bob Schlegel, Staff Parish Relation Chair, or Pastor Barb Seekford.

Bob Schlegel:  610-763-4379, dosecop@gmail.com

Pastor Barb Seekford: 610-310-8349, pastorbarb@saintandrewumc.org