Waging War Season 2

IX. Who I AM —Chris “C.A.” Adams

Congratulations, you’ve made it through the second season of Waging War! I pray that through the discussions and prayer, we’ve encouraged you to trust the Word of God and put… Read more

VIII. Prepare to Live, Not Die Min. — Peter Blue, Sr.

I AM STUDY—LESSON 7 OF 7 In “Prepare to live, not die”, Min. Blue reminds us with Christ, you do not only live once. You will, indeed, live again. (John… Read more

VII. Living With Eternal Value — Min. Floyd B. Jackson, Jr.

I AM STUDY—LESSON 6 OF 7 Find encouragement from Min. Jackson as he instructs us, branches, on how to stay connected the vine, Jesus? (John 15:1) Let’s Dig Deeper 1)… Read more

VI. Christ, the Good Shepherd —Min. Britni M. Johnson

I AM STUDY—LESSON 5 OF 7 In this message, Min Johnson combats how the world depicts Christ and how it conflict with who He is as the Good Shepherd. (John… Read more

V. Jesus, the Bread of Life— Min. Britni M. Johnson

I AM STUDY—LESSON 4 OF 7 In this message, Min Johnson brings us to the table so that we may take and eat the Bread of Life. (John 6:51) Let’s… Read more

IV. I AM, So You Are – Minister Peter R. Blue

I AM STUDY—LESSON 3 OF 7 In this teaching of Jesus, Min. Blue invites us to discover our identity in Christ. (John 8:58) Let’s Dig Deeper Who has Jesus revealed… Read more

III. Alpha & Omega— Joshua Foster

“I AM” STUDY—LESSON 2 OF 7 In this message, Joshua focuses on what it means for God to be the beginning, the end, and everything in between. (John 1:1-5, Revelations… Read more

II. Who are You? I AM the Light! – Rev. Andre R. Briscoe, Jr.

“I AM” Study—LESSON 1 OF 7 Like today’s young adults, Jesus is confronted by religious, political, social, and cultural opposition and judge according to human law. However, human law cannot… Read more

I. The Door — Audean “AJ” Miller

I. The Door —Audean “AJ” Miller HAPPY NEW YEAR! With the old year behind us, let’s start off this new season in pursuit of a more holy and Christ-like life…. Read more