Waging War Season 1

Waging War: “Tough Questions & Theological Perspectives”

Do you realize that we are in the midst of spiritual warfare? Those strains that are trying to pull a part our lives are not coincidences. Those illusions surrounding us are… Read more

Waging War: “The Spirit of Suicide”

In this message, Min. Johnson confronts the prominent spiritual attack against Young People known as the spirit of suicide and exposes demonic principalities at war for the souls of our… Read more

Waging War: “Who is Jesus?”

CCYAM strives to create a sense of connectivity and community among young adults and to encourage the pursuit of a life of discipleship, as taught by Jesus Christ. In “Who… Read more

Waging War: “Sexual Sin and the Face of the Creator”

In a pursuit to show the love of God through Jesus Christ, Aaron provides an explanation of what it means to behold the face of the Creator and how it… Read more