Local Church Resources

IRS Mileage Rate for 2017

IRS approved for Mileage rate for businesses in 2017 is $0.535/mile.

External Resources for Local Church Finance Leadership

Easy2Give App – a free app available so that people can donate to your church through their phones. Click here for more info on umc.org and click here to download the app! Vanco Services (PDF)… Read more

Resources for Local Church Audits

Local Church Minimum Internal Controls Guidelines (PDF) – The following guidelines have been developed in order to assist those with financial responsibilities in local churches to identify and implement basic internal… Read more

Local Church Tax Resources

Local Church Treasurer Handbook – A single document resource containing useful information compiled from the GCFA “Clergy Tax Packet.” Be sure to visit GCFA’s website for the most up-to-date information. Department… Read more

Resources for Local Church Income Reporting

Clergy W-2 Form Information (PDF) – A document which gives general information on completing Form W-2 for clergy. [Clergy W-2 Example] Tax Reporting Requirements (PDF) – Information about the reporting requirements of local… Read more

Copyright Infringement Alert to Eastern PA Conference Churches

Recently there have been a number of claims of copyright infringement involving EPA Conference churches and organizations. The explosion of the Internet makes it easier to create works of copyright… Read more

Incorporating the Local Church

Incorporation Information – Sample articles and bylaws. Visit the GCFA Legal Manual for more information.