Application For Equitable Compensation Funds – 2017 Grants

Due October 16, 2016 For Calendar Year 2017 Funding

Attach copies of the following to this application.

  1. Treasurer’s report, 2015
  2. Treasurer’s report, year to date, 2016
  3. 2016 Budget

No application will be considered or funds disbursed until all documentation is received. The Commission on Equitable Compensation reserves the right to request additional information as needed to process this application.


All applications and supporting documents must be submitted to Your DS must submit an email to that same account indicating they have reviewed the application and endorse the request. Only applications submitted to the above email address will be accepted.

Please remember that according to the 2012 Discipline ¶625.5 “the primary responsibility for the payment of pastoral base compensation remains with individual pastoral charges.” Your requested amount may be reduced if your church:

  • Budgets more than the minimum $3,000 for the Pastoral Reimbursable Amount.
  • Budgets more than the minimum salary for your pastor’s status and number of years under episcopal appointment.
  • Conference wide need levels.

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2016 Charge Conference Forms

All Charge Conference forms are to be downloaded to your computer, saved in your computer, completed (don’t forget to save again!), and then returned to your District Office as an attachment to an email, by fax, or by US mail. The forms are designed to be completed on a computer and the answer boxes will expand to accommodate the length of your response.

This is the “off year” for the alternating year “Safety and Accessibility Inspection” form. Please only submit if you have updates to your policy.

All our Safe Sanctuary policies should have been updated last fall. Those churches having a Boy Scout unit will need to complete a fresh Accountability Agreement between the Eastern PA UMC and the BSA.

DUE DATES:  Your clergy profile is due 2 weeks prior to your pastoral interview.  All other forms except the Church Budget and Fund Balance report are due two weeks before your charge conference or by Nov. 15 – whichever comes first.  Pay close attention to the 2016 Church Forms Schedule and plan ahead. Do not make the DRA have to chase down your reports!

We hope that you will find the annual reporting process to be an opportunity to celebrate your church’s achievements, a useful tool to evaluate your church’s ministry goals and objectives, and a helpful process to ask important accountability questions. If you have any questions or suggestions, please feel free to contact your District Office.  Read more

Extension Ministry Forms

The Following Forms are to be completed by Ordained Elders who are serving in an Appointment to Extension Ministry. The completed forms must be sent to all persons indicated on the forms and the mailing list attachment.

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