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"Turtle island" artwork

Witnesses feel painful ‘Loss of Turtle Island’

The Loss of Turtle Island was a poignant historical journey that opened the eyes, ears, minds and hearts of those who experienced it on Sunday evening, Nov. 12, at Innabah… Read more

Plaque: "United Methodist Historic Site No. 539"

Celebrating Native American Heritage Month

Exchanging gifts is an honored tradition for many Native American peoples. Sherry Wack will exchange the gift of visitation on Sunday, Nov. 19, when she leads her congregation in celebrating Native American Ministries Sunday…

“My involvement with CONAM”

By Sherry Wack Co-chair of the Committee on Native American Ministries I Joined The United Methodist Church on November 6, 2010, when I married Dennis Wack. The following autumn our… Read more

On May 9-10, 2017 MCC U.S. hosted a Doctrine of Discovery Train the Trainers event in Akron, Pa. led by Erica Littlewolf, Karin Kaufman Wall, Michelle Armster and Lorraine Stutzman Amstutz. The training ensures that regional offices have local people trained to lead the Loss of Turtle Island exercise as well as seminars on the Doctrine of Discovery. Participants included East Coast representatives, from left, Sandra Cianciulli, Barbara Christy, Verna Colliver and Sherry Wack.

Urging more churches to promote Native American ministry

The Eastern PA Conference Committee on Native American Ministries (CoNAM) wants to reach, teach, encourage and resource all congregations to learn about and participate in this largely overlooked area of… Read more

Efforts begin to return Carlisle children’s remains

ALL CARLISLE GATHERING PHOTOS TAKEN BY CHARLES FOX / PHILLY.COM PHOTOGRAPHER At the U.S. Army War College in Carlisle, Pa., hidden behind the tall chain-link fences draped with black cloth and… Read more

CONAM to hear about resistance to gas pipeline in Lancaster

Several online advocacy publications have been reporting on public resistance to plans for installing the Atlantic Sunrise Natural Gas Pipeline in Lancaster County. Our conference’s Committee on Native American Ministry… Read more

Christmas Shoe Box Mission in Montana

Imagine the delight in a child’s eyes as a gaily-wrapped shoebox is opened and its contents appear—brightening  the child’s Christmas with carefully chosen toys, books, warm mittens or hats.  That’s… Read more

CoNAM plants peace tree, welcomes Lakota student

The Eastern PA Conference Committee on Native American Ministries planted a ceremonial Tree of Peace and taught tribal social dances, while welcoming guests to a celebrative gathering on Sunday, Nov…. Read more

The saga of Wayne Ghost

By Sherry Wack I have always had an interest in and a heart for Native Americans. I have been supporting Red Cloud School on the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation in… Read more

Dakotas pipeline protests grow with UM support

By John W. Coleman Eastern PA Conference Communications Director Protests are growing to halt the construction of a crude oil pipeline in North Dakota that Native Americans fear will pollute… Read more