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MARCHA se solidariza con el movimiento Black Lives Matter en protesta en todo el mundo por las formas viciosas en que los miembros de la policía han tratado, herido y… Read more

After the Dust Settles: A BMCR conversation on what’s next

A Phila. BMCR conversation for caucus members and guests. “What’s Next?” for Black United Methodists after the current crisis of racial injustice protests. Zoom video-conference, June 15, at 6 PM.

NEJ, UMC bishops respond to crisis, pledging to oppose racism

Bishops of both The United Methodist Church and its Northeastern Jurisdiction have issued statements pledging—and calling on United Methodists to pledge—solidarity with others protesting systemic racism and racial violence committed… Read more

Pastoral Letter from the NEJ College of Bishops

A Pledge of Solidarity to Repent of Racism We, the College of Bishops of the Northeastern Jurisdiction of The United Methodist Church, prayerfully stand with our pastors, members and churches… Read more

Aprendiendo de Noé mientras re-abrimos nuestros edificios

Mientras nos preparamos para el proceso lento y cauteloso de reabrir nuestras iglesias después de muchas semanas de reclusión, podemos encontrar algunos consejos útiles en la Palabra de Dios tomada… Read more

New DSs get a preview of the work they will begin July 1

The Society for Human Resource Management defines onboarding as any process designed to “help new hires adjust to the social and performance aspects of their jobs so they can quickly… Read more

Changes happening in conference office and staff

The Eastern PA Conference office and staff are both undergoing changes. All district offices will move into the Conference office in July—a move that was planned before the COVID-19 pandemic…. Read more

Racism in policing dialogue draws nearly 300 on Zoom

“Fight for Floyd: Where do we go from here?” a live video discussion sponsored June 1 by the Eastern PA Conference, drew nearly 300 participants to the event on Zoom to wrestle with the crisis…

Churches respond to pandemic by going online, as some reopen and others wait

Members of First UMC Mt. Carmel (above) came home for Mother’s Day May 10. With bright carnations in hand, they returned to their beloved, historic sanctuary for worship after a… Read more

Annual Conference 2020 shortened to two busy days

By John W. Coleman The Eastern PA Annual Conference will happen October 13-14, with a tight schedule that shortens it from three days to two, to save on time and… Read more