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The Eastern PA Conference Congregational Development Team (CDT) will help leaders learn to effectively use MissionInSite in four workshops, Oct. 5-6, led by renowned church growth strategist the Rev. Thomas Bandy.

Church leaders to learn strategic use of MissionInsite

Do you want to reach new people in your community? Do you want to design or improve ministry programs while managing opportunities and the stress of forging change? These are… Read more

Eastern PA Conference's Congregational Development Team with co-founder of Lifetree Cafe

Moving beyond our church walls

One of our four mission foci for The United Methodist Church is “to create new places for new people,” where we can invite others to come experience the Holy Spirit… Read more

MissionInSite can tell you about your church’s community

Whether your church’s community is urban, suburban or rural, you can get valuable demographic info about it for free from MissionInSite—free because your conference’s Congregational Development Office pays for it,… Read more