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The Rev. Jeffrey Tatgenhorst (2nd from right) leads a group of UMs in selecting issues to focus on for POWER Metro's advocacy efforts.

Phila. interfaith coalition to launch suburban wing

The Philadelphia interfaith social justice coalition POWER (Philadelphians Organized to Witness, Empower & Rebuild) will inaugurate a suburban wing known as POWER Metro this Sunday, Feb. 21. The “founding convention”… Read more

The Rev. Kipp Gilmore-Clough and Cathy Carroll joint hands with others in prayer

UMs rally at state capitol for education funding reform

A small but sturdy contingent of United Methodists gathered at the Pennsylvania State Capitol in Harrisburg Wednesday, June 24, to help persuade legislators to increase and apportion more fairly the… Read more

School Funding Protesters

3 PA UM Bishops urge fair public school funding for common good

Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ, It is June, and the PA State legislators are discussing the state budget for the coming year.  Budgets are moral documents, in that they… Read more

#moraltakeover, #moralbudget, #fairfundingpa, join us June 20!

Pray, rally for education justice at State Capitol June 20, 24

United Methodist Advocacy in Pennsylvania is urging members of the denomination to fast, pray and rally for education justice Saturday, June 20, and again Wednesday, June 24. United Methodists are… Read more