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Bishop, UMs lead prayer vigil for detained ‘Berks Madres’

Bishop, UMs lead prayer vigil for detained ‘Berks Madres’

Bishop Peggy Johnson shared a message of hope and solidarity for Latina immigrant detainees at the Berks County Residential Center Sunday, March 12, surrounded by about 90 people who gathered… Read more

Bishop to convene talk on Religious Freedom Resolution

Bishop to convene talk on Religious Freedom Resolution

Bishop Peggy Johnson will convene in May a one-time dialogue on the Religious Freedom Resolution (#2016–18; see the full resolution below), which was debated but not voted on at the… Read more

Members of the UMC's NEJ College of Bishops (Active and Retired)--Seated (from left): Bishops Peggy Johnson, Latrelle Easterling, Violet Fisher, John Schol and Jane Middleton. Standing (from left): Bishops Jeremiah Park, Ernest Lyght, Cynthia Moore-Koikoi, Mark Webb, Sudarshana Devadhar, Thomas Bickerton, Marcus Matthews, Sandra Steiner-Ball and Peter Weaver. John Coleman photo.

NEJ Bishops urge welcome for immigrants, refugees

“Give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses yearning to breathe free, . . .” United Methodist Bishops of the Northeastern Jurisdiction quoted poet Emma Lazarus’s words found on… Read more

A LongWay to Go

Bishop’s Blog: ‘A Long, Long Way to Go’

In early December I participated in an ecumenical dialogue held periodically between The United Methodist Church and the Roman Catholic Church. During the three days in Birmingham…  Read more


Bishop’s Blog: ‘Privilege’

We are living in a time when our country is becoming more and more aware of white privilege. According to Wikipedia, “White privilege is a term of societal privileges that benefit people identified as white in Western countries…  Read more

Pray Together

Join us in Praying Our Way Forward, Jan. 8-14

Our conference will help lead the way for an urgent, yearlong prayer vigil for the mission and future of our denomination when we gather in prayer among our various churches… Read more

Preach Social Justice on Sunday, Jan. 15

Bishop’s Blog: ‘Preach Social Justice on Sunday, Jan. 15’

Advent is a special time of waiting, anticipating and preparing for the sacred, birth of Jesus Christ. So in this appropriate time I want to call on all of you… Read more

‘Faithful Partners in Ministry’, a message from Bishop Peggy Johnson

Greetings to you in the name of our Lord Jesus the Christ! I am writing to you during this season of giving with an important reminder about the paying of… Read more

Thanksgiving Staff worship - first

Thanksgiving Praise

Bishop Peggy Johnson led annual Thanksgiving devotions for the Eastern PA Conference Staff and Cabinet on Monday, Nov. 21, at the Conference Office. She began with a PowerPoint devotional on… Read more


‘An Inconvenient Christmas’

Soon we will be singing Advent hymns in our churches and wondering where this passing year has gone. December 25th falls on a Sunday this year, and I am already… Read more