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Sermon: It’s time for wise, courageous leadership

The Rev. Evelyn Kent-Clark, South District Superintendent, offers a new Cabinet sermon, “Called for Such a Time as This,” for churches to use in worship on Sunday, Jan. 24.

Confluence on Inauguration Day

The word “inauguration” (New Oxford Dictionary) means, “The beginning or introduction of a system, policy or period; the formal admission of someone to office; a ceremony to mark the beginning of something.” 

A fresh wind of peace…

A Prayer for this Weekend and the Week Ahead By the Rev. Dr. David Woolverton.
Lord, in the shadow of last week’s violence, and in the potential and fear of more to come, we draw our hearts and minds to You. Forgive us—all of us…

Thoughts on the life of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

The Rev. Martin Luther King, Jr. You may have always wondered about his name. Was he or his father named for a famed, rebellious monk and professor who left the Roman Catholic Church…

‘In this sacred hour’

Watchnight Services: ‘A meaningful and remarkable blessing.’ The founder of the Methodist movement, John Wesley devised a service of covenant renewal known as a covenant service in 1755. It was a time when the people called Methodists would reaffirm…

Bishop’s Blog: “Rejoice!”

Deacon Jerome Kiel was the only Deaf Deacon in the Roman Catholic Church’s Archdiocese of Baltimore years ago when I was serving as the pastor of an all-Deaf United Methodist congregation. It was significant that he achieved the office of Deacon because…

Role of Anger in Working for Justice and Love

The Rev. Darryl Stephens, new chair of Eastern PA’s Order of Deacons, reports on the order’s recent discussion about anger, hate, love and justice in the ministries of Deacons.  Learn more

What names can we use for God?

The names we use for God both reflect and shape how we think about God. They help us get to know God and introduce others to God. Each name points to a quality that helps us better understand the Holy One. Read more…

‘Do No Harm’

The “Three Simple Rules” offered to us by our Methodist founder John Wesley are:
Do no harm.
Do good.
Attend to the ordinances of God (that is, spiritual disciplines that keep you close to God).

Listening with the heart

Learning to humbly and openly listen and engage with those longing to be heard is an invitation to spiritual relationship that goes beyond just hearing and responding in conversations. Learn more…