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Does Christmas have roots in pagan beliefs?

The belief that celebrating Christmas on Dec. 25 emerged from a pagan holiday isn’t true, says a book on liturgical origins. And its third-century origins may have had North African roots. Read story

Fall 2020 NEWSpirit

Our Fall 2020 issue of NEWSpirit newspaper is ready to read! Enjoy articles on our Faith-Sharing Seminar and busy Conference calendar of events. Also Bishop Johnson’s new Advent essay. Read on…

Estimating financial impact of church exits

The UMC’s finance agency is trying to project what a potential church schism due to church law may mean in church departures and lost apportioned giving. The figure may be… Read more

Protocol legislation tops agenda of top court

The UMC’s Judicial Council will decide soon if it can rule on the constitutionality of legislation for denominational separation. It will also revisit concerns over voting at the 2019… Learn more…

Council urges no new US bishops for 4 years

Faced with a financial crunch and a potential denominational split, UM bishops want to postpone electing any new bishops in the U.S. and slow down adding more bishops in Africa. Read story

Churches urged to seek protection from Boy Scouts lawsuit

Churches have until Nov. 16 to seek protection from potential liability in a class action lawsuit against Boy Scouts of America over past sexual abuse claims. BSA has filed for bankruptcy. More…

Is The United Methodist Church involved in politics?

The people called Methodists have been actively involved in social and political matters from… Read more…

Conferences persevere under financial strain

Seven months into the COVID-19 pandemic, UM conferences—like the congregations they serve—are feeling the financial strain of decreased giving and increased needsa trend that began before the pandemic. Learn more…

Laity urged to join Conference’s newest Facebook group

More people each week are asking to join and participate in the new Eastern PA Conference Laity Facebook page. Why not join them and help grow our Facebook Community?

Young elder numbers near historic low

Unfortunately, the declining number of ordained elders in the UMC includes a continuing decline in young adult elders, who comprise just 7%… Learn more…