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What is Lent and why does it last forty days?

Lent is a season of forty days, not counting Sundays, which begins on Ash Wednesday and ends on Holy Saturday. Lent comes from the Anglo Saxon word lencten, meaning “lengthen”…  Read more

Help your church prepare for General Conference

How to get your church ready for GC2020? Pray. Get trustworthy information. Learn the process. Participate in conversations. Build trust…  Read more

Bishop appeals for donations to help Puerto Rico recover from earthquakes

Bishop Peggy Johnson is asking members and friends of the Eastern PA Conference to offer heartfelt prayers as they…  Read more

Why Is Human Relations Day important?

On Jan. 19, across our UMC connection, we come together to help bridge the gap between church and community by participating in the Human Relations Day offering.  Read more

US dips below majority of membership

The U.S.’s majority membership status in the UMC may end in 2020 largely because of a continuing decline in U.S. membership and continuing growth across Africa. Learn more…  Read more

Read NEWSpirit’s fall issue now online

Read, enjoy and share news, features and photos in a colorful layout. Also, look for our new online publication, NEWSpirit Special, coming in January. We’ll focus on local churches in mission.   Read more

Wespath initiatives address opioid crisis

U.S. Health and Human Services has declared the opioid crisis a public health emergency. Now the UMC’s health and pension benefits agency is working to address the growing epidemic. 

An Open Letter and Response

Joe DiPaolo, Wesleyan Covenant Association leader in Eastern PA, responds agreeably to Bishop Johnson’s pastoral letter and rejection of clergy trials. But he also appeals for no same-sex weddings before GC2020. Read…  Read more

Faithful Giving in a Time of Change

“Faithful Giving in a Time of Change,” a roundtable discussion of connectional giving in The United Methodist Church, features panelists who work with giving and budgets at all levels of the denomination. The video discussion seeks to explain the role of giving…  Read more

Serving God and others: Honoring our United Methodist vow

United Methodists answer John Wesley’s call to live out their faith by “doing good of every possible sort,” to all the people and in all the places that we can. Learn more…   Read more