We’re excited to include these three sections–Inform, Inspire, Involve. Here we intend to recommend helpful information, hopeful inspiration and opportunities for involvement that can offer nourishment and possibly direction for your faith journey. Please return to visit these sections again soon and often. And please contribute ideas, information, insights and resources that might be helpful to others. Thanks!

United Methodist Women touched my life

In the fall of 1978 I was an M.Div student at Asbury Theological Seminary in Kentucky.  But I wondered some days if I had heard God right about this call… Read more

What does it mean to live by faith?

To live by faith is to live in a trusting, loving and ever-deepening relationship with God and with every neighbor, in which our own lives are transformed.   Read more

Rejoice in our United Methodist heritage

From April 22 through May 20, let us rejoice together in the faithful, if not faultless, 50-year heritage we share as United Methodists…  Read more

Native Americans and the Church: Past, present, future

Sunday, April 15th is “Native American Ministry Sunday” in the United Methodist Church.  I hope that every church will take a special offering to aid Native American seminary students and… Read more

Faceless Christ, Headless Disciples

In Berlin there is the Chapel of the Reconciliation. It was rebuilt after the reunification of Germany and the destruction of the Berlin Wall that divided East and West Germany from 1961 to 1989. Originally…  Read more

‘Blowin’ in the Wind’

I remember buying a Peter, Paul and Mary album when I was in 7th grade. I sat in the basement with my friends that summer, and listened to every cut of this folk music record over and over again. It was during the time of the Civil Rights movement and the Viet Nam War.  Read more

Lent: Preparing for something better

Christians celebrate and engage the 40 days of Lent as a holy season of preparation, through study, self-denial, sacrifice and finally, spiritual renewal. We remember Jesus’ difficult life-journey of submission… Read more

What does God want for us?

We would all probably agree that God does not want us miserable, tired and cranky.” I read those words in a recent e-mail sent by a co-worker, titled Upcoming Events. She went on to encourage us to “look for, believe for an infusion of joy.”   Read more

Lenten message from UM bishops

The UM Council of Bishops president asks us to engage in spiritual disciplines of self-denial during in observance of Lent while praying, fasting and sharing our resources with others. Read full message  Read more

Octavius V. Catto

On September 26, 2017, a statue of Octavius V. Catto—who lived from Feb. 22, 1839, to Oct. 10, 1871—was erected in Philadelphia in the southwest apron of City Hall. It is the first statue of an individual African American to rise among the city’s 1,700-plus statues…  Read more