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‘Pray where you’re at!’

Our country’s founding fathers knew the importance of prayer. In 1775 they asked the American colonies to be in a time of prayer at the birth of this great nation. In 1952 the United States Congress officially created the National Day of Prayer.  Read more


Good News or Fake News?

There is a lot of talk recently about “fake news” with various reports of false information being projected as truth in our media outlets. During the U.S. presidential campaign there was a fake news account…  Read more


From House to House

On the morning that the e-mail notice came informing United Methodist bishops that Bishop Felton E. May* had been diagnosed with cancer, I immediately texted him with assurance of our… Read more


Prayer is more than talking

When we think of prayer, we often think about talking to God.  With our words, we give God our adoration, our confessions, our expressions of thanksgiving, as well as making… Read more

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‘Persevering Prayer’

Jesus told a parable about a man who was in need of bread to serve some unexpected guests. The man went to the home of a neighbor and continually knocked on the door until the tired, reluctant neighbor got up…  Read more

Reclaim the Common Good.2

Reclaiming the Common Good

“What makes you hopeful?” Two dozen Eastern PA United Methodists gathered for dinner and dialogue Feb. 4 to wrestle with that timely question two weeks after the Jan. 20 inauguration… Read more


Transformation through prayer

Scripture instructs us to pray without ceasing, to see every moment as an opportunity to pray, whether it is a time of crisis or just an everyday, routine moment. Prayer… Read more

A LongWay to Go

Bishop’s Blog: ‘A Long, Long Way to Go’

In early December I participated in an ecumenical dialogue held periodically between The United Methodist Church and the Roman Catholic Church. During the three days in Birmingham…  Read more

This is a day of new beginnings

Bishop’s Blog: ‘New Beginnings’

The beginning of a New Year conjures up for me the image of a new start, a rebooted computer, a right-sizing of clutter on our desks, the balancing of a check-book, a new resolve…  Read more


Beyond New Year’s resolutions — make ‘faithful intentions’

New Year’s Resolutions have always been a very pass/fail sort of test for me. I set myself up to forgo chocolate and lo and behold, two weeks into the New… Read more