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Celebrating Women’s History Month
Malala Yousafzai: The power of one voice

Malala Yousafzai was born in 1997 and grew up in the northwest Swat Valley region of Pakistan. As a child she was fortunate to have access to education…  Read more

Read NEWSpirit’s winter issue online now

Inside this issue: Abundant Health, Abundant  Life!; Seeking immigration justice and mercy; Youth outreach ministries nurture young lives; Eastern PA youth at 2018 Pen-Del Youth Rally; Four stations of the Holy Spirit…  Read more

Graham influenced many United Methodists

“No voice or message in the past half century has been more powerful and faithful in pointing clearly to Christ,” said the Rev. Eddie Fox, one of many United Methodists who knew, or were touched by, evangelist Billy Graham.  Read more

Bakers send joyful Congo Partnership news

Jonathan & Donna Baker’s latest text & video newsletter reports uplifting developments at Congo Partnership mission sites, where God is visibly at work improving the lives of God’s people.  Read more

Accepting Conference Lay Leader nominations now

Mr. David Koch is concluding his first four-year term as Lay Leader of the Eastern Pennsylvania Annual Conference.  While Dave is willing to serve another term and The Book of Discipline and Conference Rules allow…  Read more

It’s February. Show us some love!

No need for Valentine hearts, candy or flowers; but we do need for you to show us some love. What we really need, dear readers, is information, and lots of it. So here is our top-10 multiple-choice shopping list of viable information…  Read more


On the first weekend of this year, organizers of the annual Peninsula-Delaware Conference Youth Rally in Ocean City, Maryland, were challenged by a blizzard that blew in the day before the rally began. The leaders had a difficult decision to make about…  Read more

Disability Awareness Sunday is Jan. 14

The Eastern PA Conference’s Disability Ministries Committee urges churches to celebrate Disability Awareness Sunday Jan. 14 or on a more convenient date. The UMC’s Book of Discipline calls for every conference and church to celebrate…  Read more

18 ways to be more United Methodist in ‘18

When making New Year’s resolutions for 2018, we hope you will consider joining us in participating in several of these very United Methodist activities in the months ahead.  Read more

Conference hires new Chancellor

A United Methodist attorney and Temple University alumnus, who specializes in nonprofit organizational law among other fields, will be the Eastern Pa Conference’s new Chancellor…  Read more