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African American Woman’s Incredible Life as a Methodist Missionary

In the days following the U.S. Civil War, this African American woman went to college, owned her own business and then dedicated her life to opening doors for women. View  Read more

Why Aldersgate Matters

United Methodists celebrate Aldersgate Sunday in May of each year to mark the day that the movement’s founder John Wesley experienced assurance of his salvation. It is a day for individuals… Read more

Ideas for celebrating Pentecost at home

Creatively celebrating Pentecost in the home can be a wonderful addition to your family’s devotional life. Here are some ideas to help get you started.  Read more

Bishop names Taylor-Storm new Cabinet Dean

Bishop Peggy Johnson announces that the new Dean of the Eastern PA Conference Cabinet for 2018-2019 will be the Rev. Dawn Taylor-Storm…  Read more

John Wesley’s letters to his mom

The founder of the Methodist movement enjoyed a close relationship with his influential mother, Susanna Wesley, throughout his life. He often…  Read more

Churches urged to celebrate UMC’s 50th

From April 22 through Heritage Sunday, May 20, the UMC will mark 50 years since its birth at the Uniting Conference in 1968. Churches are urged to celebrate…  Read more

BMCR looks to the future

(UMNS)–Black Methodists for Church Renewal recently gathered here in a mood of gratitude, but also of anticipation. “We give thanks for the past 50 years … but God is declaring there is a next level in our future,” said the Rev. Antoine “Tony” Love, the group’s vice chairman…  Read more

Celebrating Women’s History Month
Malala Yousafzai: The power of one voice

Malala Yousafzai was born in 1997 and grew up in the northwest Swat Valley region of Pakistan. As a child she was fortunate to have access to education…  Read more

Read NEWSpirit’s winter issue online now

Inside this issue: Abundant Health, Abundant  Life!; Seeking immigration justice and mercy; Youth outreach ministries nurture young lives; Eastern PA youth at 2018 Pen-Del Youth Rally; Four stations of the Holy Spirit…  Read more

Graham influenced many United Methodists

“No voice or message in the past half century has been more powerful and faithful in pointing clearly to Christ,” said the Rev. Eddie Fox, one of many United Methodists who knew, or were touched by, evangelist Billy Graham.  Read more