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Free Church Choir Music!

Check out Ross Spencer’s church choir music website at jesus4rebels.wix.com/spencermusic. Download music for free and use it for your choir. Contemporary, flexible arrangements designed for exciting worship experiences. Songwriter/composer just… Read more

Child, in the Congo

SE District attains goal to fund Congo clinic

“We did it!” wrote Superintendent Dawn Taylor-Storm, proclaiming the Southeast District’s success in raising funds to build a pediatrics medical facility in Mpasa, an impoverished community in the Democratic Republic of… Read more

NE church’s prayer vigil to end after Frein’s capture

NEWS UPDATE: Mountainhome UMC, located in the Poconos area, will end its daily outdoor prayer vigil Sunday at 12 noon, reported the Rev. John Keretzman, pastor, now that the tense… Read more