2012 General Conference

General Conference Changes to Pension

There has been a maelstrom of rumors swirling around the EPA Conference with regard to the choices enacted by vote of General Conference in May.  While there are a multitude… Read more

General Conference Legislation Summary Brochure—Now Available

A summary of General Conference 2012 legislative changes impacting plans and programs administered by the General Board of Pension and Health Benefits (General Board) is available here. This brochure is also… Read more

2012 General Conference Report

Mary White, center (in orange), discusses legislation prior to General Conference plenary sessions on April 30, with (l. to r.) Ruth Daugherty, Lillian Smith, Jordan Harris, and George Hollich.  By… Read more

Jordan Harris – young adult delegate to General Conference

By Hannah Adair Bonner* In the fall of 2010, the Charge Conference of Faith United Methodist Church in Lititz, PA, took a routine vote that would have repercussions that they… Read more

Ruth Daugherty serves 11th General Conference

By Suzy Keenan* This is Ruth Daugherty’s eleventh consecutive time to serve as an elected lay delegate to General Conference from Eastern Pennsylvania. Ruth, 81, of Lancaster, PA, and her… Read more

General Conference 2012 is here!

General Conference is now over.  What happened?  www.umc.org Photo above by the Rev. Dr. Christopher Kurien, who is serving as a monitor in legislative committee meetings.  See more photos contributed by… Read more

Young people speak up through twitter at General Conference

By Hannah Adair Bonner* I finally have become one of those people – the ones who walk into fountains or stumble down stairs because they are texting and tweeting too… Read more

Act of Repentance and Healing for Indigenous Persons

The altar is set for the Act of Repentance and Healing for Indigenous Persons at General Conference.  Photo by George Hollich. Commentary by Bishop Peggy Johnson The Act of Repentance and… Read more

Reflections on the legislative process

Ruth Daugherty, a lay delegate from the Eastern Pennsylvania Conference, ponders legislation at plenary sessions on Monday, April 30.  On the table sits the “Daily Christian Advocate,” containing all of… Read more

Reflections on General Conference by Jim Todd

EPA Clergy Delegate Jim Todd Offers Thoughts on the First Full Day of Legislative Committee The members of the General Administration legislative committee were feeling a bit smug.  Whereas in… Read more