“The Skinny on Worship”

by Eric W. Carr, Jr.

What is worship? How do we worship? Where should we worship? Why do we worship? When should we worship?

These are all normal questions that are addressed in various books of theology or disciplines. There is also tons of other information surrounding worship that can address these specific questions and concerns. However, the more important question to perhaps wrestle with and address might be what does worship look like?

Depending on your age, cultural background, experiences or perhaps you location at the time, worship might look totally different than the very person beside you. One might Worship God by a raise of the hand or another by the shedding of tears. One may worship God through song or spoken word and another through liturgical dance, mime or some other form of expressive art.

Whatever worship looks like on the outside matters less than what worship should look like on the inside. It should be a humble submission of the heart in gratitude and reverence unto God. Worship then becomes less of what it looks like or how to correctly worship. It is more a reaction to a lifestyle of being in relationship with God illustrated by outward expressions directly tied to who YOU are with gifts and talents embedded inside to express it.