The Seasons of My Cross

For a good portion of my teen years I fought and wrestled with so many sins, and for a large percentage of that time, I gave in. I still dwell on the effects of all the wrongs that seem to overpower the way God has directed my life thereafter. The seasons come and go and tend to strike me by surprise in moments of joy. If God truly forgives my sin and in His own ways disregards it all, then why can I not do the same?

There is a crucial point of carrying our cross and what it represents more then just walking the steps of Jesus. Our sins and bondage were nailed to the cross of Christ and destroyed by His touch of sovereignty. However, we are not called to keep on sinning, but the echoes of what we do wrongly dwell in the fallen creation of humanity. I have a choice: to nail my sin to the cross I carry that was forgiven by Jesus that establishes true joy and hope or to cling to my sin and gain moments of pleasure.

The sin that is wrapped among my cross is a daily reminder of the acts and promises of God that were predestined to interact with my failures to fix something I couldn’t fix. Do not choose to live in sin. Do not choose to let the echoes of your past tempt you to let go of the faith you have in Christ. He is Messiah. He is Emmanuel.

by Aaron Smith