In my life, I have been truly blessed and God has been so gracious. I was born to incredible parents and I was raised to be Christ-centered even though a good portion of my life was spent chasing things that were so far from good. The words of my father still continue to dwell with me as a reminder when I want to live separate of what God has for me: “Aaron, that is not who you are and that is not who you were meant to be”.

The picture of Jesus waiting at the well for the Samaritan woman to come to Jacob’s well is something truly beautiful. When she came to the well she acted in such a way that sent the message that they shouldn’t be interacting with each other. He was a Jew and she was a Samaritan. Then Jesus said, “If you knew the gift of God and who it is that asks you for a drink, you would have asked him and he would have given you living water” (John 4:10 NIV). Jesus still stays with her.

The beauty of this image is that Jesus is talking about a gift from God while asking for something in return: the willingness to respond to Him. The trials of marrying all the wrong men, being excluded, being looked down upon was weighing her down. Sometimes our valley of lows creates a blurred image of how we see God and it entices us to believe the lies that God becomes something too distant from us because of our insecurities and the attempts of trying to be good enough.

We then try to supplement the lack of knowing how we are valued by the God of the Universe to a system in which we create to feel a sense of worth. Nothing can ever match the value of how God values you. Jesus responds to the woman, “I, the one speaking to you…I am he” (John 4:26 NIV).

I look back through my life in all my failed attempts to find joy through my own achievements, the mistakes of counting my value off of other people, falling into sin and enjoying the mere happiness that which covered years of pain to come. And still… the still small voice of Jesus was calling me to Himself and asking me to drink from the well that does not run dry. But I am a sinner! He is Jesus. But I am not worthy! He is Jesus. But I am diseased, deprived, disconnected from anything good! He is Jesus. But I am nothing! Through our cries, the hope is in the voice of God calling us in response to know how Jesus took our sin so that we could die to ourselves and live again, in Him.

My pursuit of deeply knowing the Jesus who met me at my well has cast out my fear, given me joy, and has gifted me salvation. That through all of life’s struggles, I am valued by Jesus. That is enough for me.

by Aaron Smith