“God’s Great Love–YOU”

People change as often as the weather shifts. Places change as frequent as traffic lights turn from red to green to yellow and back at red again. Everything around us changes. Isn’t it good to know that God never changes?

There is nothing you can do that can change how God feels about you. He is crazy in love with you. He loves you even if you don’t love Him. He loves you even when you hurt Him. It pains Him when you sin, but God still loves you. He loves you when you try to shut Him out, exclude Him, and take control of your life. God loves you even when you feel unlovable or when  you don’t even love yourself. Crazy right?

Well, not to God. Even when you do wrong, God command’s His love toward you. God’s love for you is so big that He decided to demonstrate His love in a great way. God demonstrated His love by giving His very best gift- the gift of His one and only Son, Jesus Christ. The gift of Jesus is the gift of redemption. Jesus came into this world to redeem you of the sin that separates you from the love of God.

When you receive the gift of Jesus, the mud of your mischief is wiped cleaned- the stains of your sins are washed away. You are purged from that which you should perish when you accept the gift of God’s Son, Jesus. 

Friends may change, our neighbors may change; our jobs may even change; but God remains constant. His love will never end.

Britni Johnson
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Article written for The PRESS, Young Adult Newsletter

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