Eric Carr, standing in church sanctuary

“Worship Experience”

At times it may appear to seem increasingly difficult to worship.  As we move through different stages in life and perhaps even deal with hardships or tragedies, many times we attempt to try to find reason to worship.

It is in that moment that we have made the biggest mistake and brings us to our question.  How is the worship experience at your church or in your life?

Is it coached?  Is it free form and free flowing?  Is it filled with expressions through different methods?  Is it consistent regardless if it’s during a great moment in life or a challenging one?

Here’s a tip to encourage and hopefully help you to ‘ease up off the gas’ when trying to contemplate how to worship and perhaps stressing over having a great worship experience at church.  No matter what comes or goes, God is still God and because God remains God through everything, we are constantly invited into fellowship with the Triune God through worship.

So reflect always on God and God’s greatness intently.

It is here in our worship that things are revealed to us by God’s Spirit that might have otherwise left us at a place of distress and discouragement.

James 4:8 tells us to, “Draw near to God and He will draw near to you.”

Eric Carr, Jr. is a member of the Conference Young Adult Council and founder of A Greater Dimension Ministries. This article was written for the young adult newsletter, The PRESS.