Matthew Davis and Andrew Smith

“Provide the Way”

Romans 1:16 “For I am not ashamed of the gospel, for it is the power of God for salvation to everyone who believes…” (ESV)

I have recently transitioned from active young adult ministry to youth ministry. Definitely a change!  In a culture that is losing its foundation and becoming more and more actively secular, my heart is crippled with the stories from both my suburban and urban youth.  There is a gap and lack of connection in many churches on the premise of creating a community that provides a way for youth to find Christ, to provide a way for youth to connect to Christ, and to provide a way for youth to remain in Christ (Fusion Youth Ministry Goals).  What then must we do?

I was speaking to one of my youth and they reported to me that here in Lebanon, PA we have multiple pregnancies in the 8th grade and drug dealing in the midst of dances and other school events.  This is where we developed our first goal, “to provide a way for youth to meet Christ”.  When youth from the church, community, streets, friends of friends, etc. step into our doors on a Fusion Youth Night, we want them to experience the joy and hope we have. We want youth that come from broken families, are stuck in addictions, or are in the most difficult circumstances to find comfort in all of the mess.  We provide a fun, exciting, relationally, and Christ-centered night so someone might come to believe and know Christ as their Savior.

Since we all know that when we make that commitment to Christ, our baggage always finds a way to remind us where we’ve been and what we’ve done.  This is where we developed our second goal, “to provide a way for youth to connect to Christ”. The moment a youth starts a relationship with Christ, the enemy desires to entice them and immediately destroy it.   In the youth ministry umbrella we provide Bible study groups, Monday morning devotionals, Fusion Youth Night lessons, and it continues to grow.

These two goals are what developed our last goal, “to provide a way for youth to remain in Christ”.  I made a goal for myself that I will never let our youth give up on God and their faith walk without a fight with the enemy.  The youth of this generation and the generations to come, need to have grounded believers ready to walk them through trials and temptations.  We need to provide these ways so they can walk in the Way.

by Aaron Smith (photo: right), for the young adult newsletter, The PRESS