“More Grace”

“But He gives more grace…”
– James 4:6

My most admired, effective, and Christ-centered professor Dr. Boucher stated these words in one of the first lectures, “Every morning I pray to God for more grace, more grace, more grace.” At that moment, my inner being felt an impact almost as if it grabbed those words so I would never forget them. Fast forward about five months and I am in my basement, kneeling at the fire stove, the lights off and weeping in prayer to God. The next day comes by and I am in chapel at college partnered with seven other students and at the end of our discussion we prayed for each other. One of them asked if there were any other prayer requests and I quickly raised my hand. I will never forget that moment.

There is a time in our lives where we all come to our knees seeking a savior of some kind.  How many times have you been to that point where your satisfaction is temporarily filled with snide remarks to your accuser, evil comments to a friend, a material item that destroys your body, or a gift and treasure that you only have one time to give away? My fulfillment was chosen to be Christ and the grace given through the cross.

I have tried to fill that empty space so many times with so many things, all but one have failed. There is a great pain when you take in something that satisfies you for a while but then turns to destroy you in the long run. These cycles will replay and replay until you forget who you are. I thank God that as soon as I turn to Christ the enemy’s power ceases and I am overcome by the presence of God and filled with the Spirit and ever since that moment, I’ve been living in freedom.

That day when I knelt, I was running on my own fuel for quite a while and forgot how to pray for more grace. 2 Corinthians 12:9 writes, “But he said to me, ‘My grace is sufficient for you, for my power is made perfect in weakness.'” The strength you are looking for that is sustaining, everlasting, and fulfilling is found in your weakness and humble reverent prayer for more grace through Christ Jesus. His grace is sufficient!

You need it. You cannot live without it.

By Aaron Smith, Youth Pastor at Church of the Good Shepherd in Lebanon, PA and member of the Young Adult Council. Devotional published in the summer issue of The Press, our young adult newsletter.