Join Us in Standing for Justice with Immigrant Families

Immigration Reform Now

Hundreds of United Methodist clergy answered the call to lead for genuine immigration reform!

Other clergy urged to join them powerful witness by signing our letter.

The United Methodist letter to members of the U.S. House of Representatives is a powerful witness of the movement among United Methodists for genuine, solution-based immigration reform. Close to 700 United Methodist bishops and clergy have chosen to lead. Many others need to hear from you asking them to join this movement!

Please plan to call three pastors today and urge them to sign the letter!

Clergy Sign Today!

Tell your pastor few sermons will be as memorable as his or her signature on this letter!

It has been a remarkable few days seeing the number of signatures multiply on the United Methodist letter to members of the House of Representatives in support of genuine, solution-based immigration reform! We will send this letter to all members of the House on Wednesday, Nov. 20. If you are a pastor and you haven't signed it yet, sign it today!

You might be thinking, "I have signed it," or "My pastor has signed it," what else can I do? So glad you asked! Here's a few ideas:

  • Send this email to networks you are part of. Send it to district clusters of pastors, to seminary alumni networks, request your conference to post it on its website, and make sure your bishop is listed!! Urge them to sign it today!
  • Tweet it and Facebook it!
  • Call three United Methodist pastors you know who haven't signed on. Invite them to join hundreds of other clergy in the movement for genuine, solution-based reform! Emails can be ignored easily or over looked. Calls let folks know you care. People are waiting for folks who care enough about them to take the time to call — so call today! Between now and Monday, choose three United Methodist pastors to pray for and to call. They are waiting for someone like you to invite them to join this movement!

We have between now and Monday, close of business. Think of the powerful witness that hundreds more pastors could provide. 

Then get ready: on Wednesday, Nov. 20, call your member of the House of Representatives, (202) 224-3121; ask for your Representative's office (you can find out who here); remind them of the letter and urge them to support genuine, solution-based reform today!

Thanks to all the clergy who lead us and stand with immigrant families in need of justice. Together, let's continue to build the movement until we see genuine reform passed and enacted into law. 

In Christ,
Bill Mefford
Director of Civil and Human Rights
General Board of Church and Society