Dennis Wack receives Walter King Award

Dennis Wack receives Walter King Award.

The Walter King Award is presented annually at the Laity Academy to a Christ Servant Minister in the Eastern Pennsylvania Conference of the United Methodist Church who exemplifies the principles and missions of the Christ Servant Ministry. The award is named for the late Walter King, who was a faithful member of Camphor UMC in Philadelphia, PA, for many years. He was a Christ Servant Minister and the treasurer of the Conference’s Laity Academy. He served on many Conference Boards and ministries and was the Conference Vice-President of the United Methodist Men.

Christ Servant Ministers are persons who have met the requirements for Certified Lay Speaker defined in the Book of Discipline of the United Methodist Church, and serve the denomination through not only speaking, but through leading and caring ministries in the churches and extension activities, such as in nursing homes, hospitals, prisons, shelters and through feeding programs. They augment the work of clergy by carrying the Word of the Gospel into the sanctuaries and out into the world.

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Dennis Wack, a member of Evansburg UMC, working hand-in-hand with his wife, Sherry, created YouTube videos that explained the meaning of particular Scripture by expounding on the value of the theological content, relating it to today’s lifestyles. The approach is one Christ Servant Minister’s method of delivering the message in a peaceful setting, using the contemporary communication medium of YouTube, a highly available and highly viewed social medium. This method represents the beginning of a series of inspirational messages to reach out to make disciples of Jesus Christ.