City children find fellowship in camp

Kids at camp, Carson Simpson Farm

Our team at St. Phillips UMC in Philadelphia began planning for a camp program for our children last October.  As each month went by we planned, and hoped, and prayed for a great week of camping for the kids.  Working with Ray Neitz, Meg Neitz and JoAnne Carroll at Carson Simpson Farm we got to know them as special people who care about the children and the program.  The staff wanted a loving/safe place to share Jesus with our children.

This summer we went to Carson-Simpson Camp with one goal in mind: to learn about Jesus and to have fun.  We were joined by the children from Bickley’s New Beginning UMC for a week of Christian camping and fellowship.

On Monday July 9TH, we first met at St. Philip’s UMC and then off to camp we went.  We checked in at camp with twelve of our children: three experienced campers and nine new campers.  At the campfire on Thursday we all joined hands in one large circle demonstrating we are one in Christ, finding the Lord’s love and understanding for the children.  By Friday, the children did not want go home!  However, our return home was with new understanding of how to be disciples of Jesus Christ.

If there is one message from the week of Camp at Carson Simpson, it is that we need to take a lesson from our children in believing in God and yourself.  Our theme at camp was “GRACE.”

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By Betty Kennedy

Betty Kennedy is Chair of Christian Education at St. Philip’s United Methodist Church.