Lancaster Seminary approved for theological education

Lancaster Seminary

By Charles Yrigoyen

We are pleased to announce that Lancaster Seminary has received an invitation from the University Senate of The United Methodist Church to continue to prepare students who have been called by God into the ordained ministry of our church.  Under the leadership of the seminary’s new President, Dr. Carol E. Lytch, the Seminary moves ahead to provide the theological training for ministry in the 21st century.

For several generations Lancaster Theological Seminary has trained candidates for ordination in our Eastern Pennsylvania Annual Conference and our neighbor Conferences.  In the academic year just concluded sixteen United Methodist students pursued theological education at LTS.

Every one of those students benefits from the Seminary’s strengths and its commitment to offer United Methodists outstanding educational and spiritual growth experience.  It does so by providing

First-class instruction offered by a superb faculty in the basic disciplines of biblical, historical, and theological studies as well as the practical areas of pastoral care, Christian education, worship and liturgy, preaching, clinical pastoral education, leadership in church and community, and international cross cultural experience.  The Seminary also arranges for every UM student to fulfill the Disciplinary requirements of instruction in United Methodist history, doctrine, polity, worship, mission, and evangelism.

A fellowship of United Methodist students who form a covenant group which meets regularly during every semester to support spiritual growth.

Worship held weekly in the seminary chapel including celebration of the Lord’s Supper.

Services of the Director of United Methodist Studies who maintains contact with every UM student and who counsels and assists them with matters related to their preparations for written and oral  presentations to District Committees on Ministry and the Annual Conference Board of Ordained Ministry.

Lancaster Seminary cherishes its partnership with United Methodism and seeks to nurture for years to come.

The Rev. Dr. Charles Yrigoyen, Jr. is director of United Methodist Studies for Lancaster Theological Seminary.