Biblical teaching of “gleaning” in practice

Morrisville UMC

On Saturday, October 20, a truckload of 42,000 pound of potatoes donated for the hungry arrived at Morrisville United Methodist Church from Wisconsin.   Volunteers helped load the potatoes onto trucks and cars for 38 local churches, food pantries and area programs to distribute to those in need.   The organizations receiving the potatoes are in Lower Bucks, the Trenton area, and Philadelphia.

According to Pastor Catherine Bowers “During these times when it is so hard for many people to feed their families, it is more important than ever to answer the expectation of our God that we care about those in need. The Bible is very clear in saying that God cares about the poor, and if we care about what God cares about, we will be concerned for the poor as well.”

The Society of St. Andrew solicits donations directly from farmers and makes the potatoes available.   The program is based on the biblical principal of “gleaning” which allows for the poor to collect what is left after farmers have taken in their harvest.   For more information about the Society of St. Andrew go to  Morrisville UMC and its partners in this event paid cost of packing and trucking the potatoes.

Partners with Morrisville UMC for this event included: The Emergency Relief Association (at United Christian Church), the Faith Baptist Church (Hamilton NJ), Harvest Ministries at Cornwells United Methodist Church, the Morrisville-Yardley Area Rotary,  Pearson Memorial UMC (Trenton) and the Bensalem YWCA, and The Mt. Carmel Guild of Trenton. Many thanks to Burt Mott of B&T Landscaping for lending a forklift for the day.