NW District Imagine No Malaria Update

As of the end of July 2012, Northwest District churches have contributed $6,408.12  to Imagine No Malaria (this includes what has been received at the Conference office and at the NW District Office). Congratulations, we are doing well! We are over half way to our goal of $10,000. We are also aware that many of you have not yet had your fundraising events which are planned for later in the year. If you still have not yet planned your event or set out a plan to raise funds for this important District Global Mission, there are many resources available. I have added web sites at the end that may help. Most pastors received an IMAGINE NO MALARIA DVD earlier in the year. If you have not received yours, please contact the district office.

To stay on top of our giving, there will be updates in our newsletters. There are two ways we can receive your contribution: You may send your contribution to the Northwest District Office directly, or with your monthly remittance payment to the Conference Office (we receive monthly giving reports for Imagine No Malaria and can keep track of what has been given).

Rev. Nicholson thanks you for your efforts.



video  http://www.imaginenomalaria.org/akillerinthedark/