Heeding God’s Call exhorts faith community to do more than just pray and grieve

Heeding God's Call

Heeding God’s Call, the faith-based and grassroots movement to prevent gun violence headquartered in Philadelphia, expressed deep remorse about the ‘too predictable’ massacre of innocents at the movie theater shootings in Aurora, Colorado.  Members are urging the public to take real action to prevent gun violence.

Rev. James F. McIntire is Board Chair of Heeding God’s Call and a clergy member of The Eastern Pennsylvania Conference.  Rev. McIntire said, “As people of faith, all of Heeding God’s Call grieve the loss of life that occurred Aurora, Colorado. We pray for those who mourn the lost, for the wounded, their friends and families and a community that will never be the same. But, prayer and grief are not enough. It is time for the faith community to stop ignoring the deep malaise that besets our nation. It is time for the faith community to lead this country out of the hell of gun violence.”

Heeding God’s Call  (HGC)has active chapters in Northwest and Northeast Philadelphia, on the Main Line, in Harrisburg, Baltimore and Washington, DC.  Heeding seeks to bring faithful and public pressure to bear on gun shops to persuade them to avoid selling to those who would put guns on the street.  HGC was instrumental in bringing federal authorities to shutter notorious Colosimo’s Gun Center in late 2009.  (See video http://vimeo.com/40568175.)

Benediction at the Heeding God’s Call Rally For Gun Violence Prevention April 6, 2012 in Philadelphia from Plasma Productions on Vimeo.

“There is something frighteningly wrong in this country when these massacres keep happening,” said Rev. James Atwood, Coordinator of Heeding God’s Call of Greater Washington, DC.  We, as a nation, cannot simply blame disturbed individuals and ignore the fact that our unique gun culture and the ease of availability of guns, especially those made to kill as many people as possible as quickly as possible, is also to blame for the incredible loss of life and community.”

Bryan Miller, who serves as Executive Director of Heeding God’s Call, said: “Despite the claims of the gun industry and lobby, these massacres and the daily toll of gun violence in this country are absolutely about guns.  It would be irresponsible and unconscionable for people of faith to just point to a disturbed individual and seek no change in American attitudes, policies and laws regarding guns.  If Americans, and especially people of faith, don’t seek real and meaningful change about guns it’s easy to predict more such massacres.  And, who knows who will die or be wounded in the next one, and the one after that and the one after that…”

For more information on Heeding God’s Call, contact Bryan Miller, 8812 Germantown Avenue, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 19118-2719; www.heedinggodscall.org; info@heedinggodscall.org; 267-519-5302.