Camp scholarships can change the life of a child

Ice cream and swimming – what a great way to keep cool at Camp Innabah, one of four beautiful camps of the Eastern Pennsylvania Conference.
by Rev. Dr. Christopher Jacob Kurien*
The summer camp season is right around the corner.  The first camps at Carson Simpson Farm, Gretna Glen, Innabah, and Pocono Plateau begin on June 17, and happen weekly until the end of August!  There are children and youth in both your church and community who would love to go to camp for the experience of a lifetime.
Our Eastern Pennsylvania Conference camping program offers opportunities to children to learn to love God’s creation, make friendships, share fun experiences, and to fall in love with our savior, Jesus Christ.

Why not offer scholarships to camp for children in your community so they can experience Christ and Christian fellowship?  
Perhaps you could organize a scholarship offering and find a donor or many donors in your church who would want to help a child this summer to experience summer camp.  You could also contact the camps directly to request scholarships for children or youth whose families might not have the resources to pay for summer camp tuition.  
There is no greater time than now to reach out to persons not yet in your church with the love of Christ.  Offering summer camp scholarships is just one way.    
REGISTER – Contact each camp to see about exciting camping opportunities for camping and retreats and to register:
VIDEOS: Here are some great videos for you to share (you can download these videos onto your own computer and embed them right onto your church website):
*The Rev. Dr. Christopher Jacob Kurien is director of Connectional Ministries for The Eastern Pennsylvania Conference: