Gretna Glen Summer Camping

What an honor it was for us to, again, have the opportunity to serve over 1,000 campers this summer as part of our United Methodist Summer Camping Program at Gretna Glen Camp and Retreat Center.

This summer we shared the “No Matter What- a love that won’t let go” curriculum—what a message to offer! What a gift for our volunteers & staff to be able to share that no matter what we go through, our heavenly Father seeks us and that we are never alone.

We pray that, as our children and youth go back to school, they remember the campfires, Bible studies and the late night chats that were shared in the camping community as we learned that God’s remarkable love won’t ever let us go.

Can you picture that campfire down at Chapel by the Lake? Do you remember the smell of the campfire? Can you hear the voices of our camp friends singing in praise of our Creator? If we can just all remember that message, every second…… of every minute…… of every hour….. of every single day, together we’ll transform the world by renewing disciples of Jesus Christ.