Carson Simpson Farm Summer Camp 2011

CarsonSimpson Farm (CSF) had many wonderful events for campers this summer!  One was a CSF Kids give back project, which raised money to feed children in the Congo (see photo above).  Also, Bishop Peggy Johnson joined us for a week of camp, and we had a Biblical marketplace. Many volunteers including the Bishop had a shop where the kids could visit. In between, we had Bible stories of Jesus’s ministry come to life.

What our campers know for sure is: their God is all-knowing and He is forgiving and wise. He is a faithful and loving God. Campers learned by way of Hosea and Gomer, Jonah, the prodigal son, Peter, Ruth, Nicodemus, and Daniel that no matter what, God loves us, He forgives us, He gives us another chance, He longs for a relationship with us, His love reaches out to everyone and that we can count on Him. After all of this, if they wanted to have a relationship with our great God through Jesus, they learned how to love others  through exhibiting the fruit of the spirit. What an amazing summer of learning and growth. Part of each week was dedicated to looking at Christians around the world. Campers learned to appreciate the freedom they have to practice their faith in the open without fear. Along with all the activities of camp, they danced, praised and sang…they sang and they sang.

“How high and how wide
How deep and how long
How sweet and how strong is Your love
How lavish Your grace
How faithful Your ways
How great is Your love, O Lord”

Sounds of the Glory Train medley drifted across the fields and for visitors and anyone within ear shot of CSF, they would know what we know…that nothing would ever be able to separate us from the love of God that is in Christ Jesus our Lord. No Matter What!

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